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    Real Estate Transactions

    Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or refinancing your existing mortgage, the transaction is a big deal with a lot at stake. loans for development
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      Medicaid applications Medicaid Reevaluations Nursing home applications Long Term Care in the home
  • Estate Planning Connecticut

    Estate Planning & Administration

      Many people think that estate planning is only for the wealthy; that simply is not true.  Estate planning is for everyone, whether young or old, whether wealthy or not.  
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    Business Transactions

    When starting a business, operating a business, or selling a business, you face important legal issues and considerations.  We can help guide you to protect both your individual and business interests. 

  • Floman DePaola are professional yet understanding attorneys. I hired [them] to help me with estate planning. This is a very difficult area which [they] handled with great expertise and compassion. I am grateful to start a professional relationship with such outstanding attorneys. -

    Mary Caruso
  • We were extremely satisfied with our experience. Allison made us feel at ease during the purchase of our home. She was extremely responsive and always made herself available to answer any of our questions. We would highly recommend Allison DePaola.
    J.P. and B.F., Wallingford
  • Working with the entire team at Floman DePaola has proven to be a smart decision! Not only have I trusted Floman DePaola with my personal needs, such as when closing on my home, but I have brought them in to help with my new small business, contacting them for all questions and concerns when I was setting the business up and now developing client contracts. What Floman DePaola brings is a backing of years of a successful practice and a innovative new group of attorney's a winning combination. I highly recommend Floman DePaola for both personal and professional needs! - November 22, 2009
    Lisa Antonecchia
  • "[They] did everything to make things easy and were always just a phone call away for all our needs. That was the best part. I would tell anyone that this office would be very good for all things that an attorney would be needed"
    J. D., North Haven


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Gift and Estate Tax: The federal lifetime exemption for property passing to non-spouse beneficiaries has been increased to $5,430,000.00. The Connecticut lifetime exemption for property passing to non-spouse beneficiaries remains $2,000,000.00. There is still an unlimited gift/estate deduction for property passing to a spouse; however, in order to qualify for the unlimited gift/estate deduction the […]

Gift giving: Don’t let your family stumble into an inadvertent Medicaid eligibility problem

Many people assume that the annual federal and state gift tax exclusion of $14,000.00 per recipient also applies if you file a Medicaid application. That is not true! Gift tax rules are very different from Medicaid eligibility rules. Gift tax rules: The current annual federal gift tax exclusion is $14,000 per non-spouse recipient. This means […]

Who will take care of things for me if I can’t do it myself?

It’s human nature to think we’ll always be able to take care of the daily financial matters we all routinely manage. Things like paying the rent or insurance or utilities, or writing checks.  But what if an injury, accident, or illness takes you out, and you can’t do that, either for a short time or […]

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